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In the latest version, Lucy and Piper are added into the game content. Please check out Lucy Build and Piper Build.

From the Mihoyo announcement, we found a total 17 Characters in Zenless Zone Zero at the moment. Click the Character icon for more details about each character, which includes Character build, W-Engines, and Disk Drives information.


There are Five Factions in Zenless Zone Zero. They are Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares, Section 6, Belobog Heavy Industries, Victoria Housekeeping Co., OBOLS Squad, and Sons of Calydon.

Attribute and Fighting Style

There are Five attributes in Zenless Zone Zero. They are Fire, Physical, Ice, Electric and Ether. Also, Five fighting styles are Attack, Support, Stun, Anomaly, and Defense.

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Today Featured Character


Rina Overview

A Midsummer Night’s Dance

A delicate and gentle melody flows naturally through Rina’s movements.

Twisted Fate Concerto

Additional music performed by the dolls, best enjoyed with attentive ears.

New World Symphony

Stirring, powerful, and elegant. Rina is as elegant as ever, even when beating people up.

Silent Sonata Pathetique

The soundtrack that resonates in many people’s minds when they see Rina step into the kitchen.