Hollow Zero

June 23, 2024

Introduction to Hollow Zero

Hollow Zero is a high-level combat challenge, alongside Shiyu Defense and Rally Commission, where you enter the Hollow, solve puzzles, gain Resonia buffs, and defeat all enemies. Here’s how to unlock and conquer Hollow Zero.

How to Unlock Hollow Zero

Complete Earlybird Ticket to Safety: In the third beta test, Hollow Zero becomes accessible after completing the commission “Earlybird Ticket to Safety.” This increases your Inter-Knot permissions, unlocking Hollow Zero. Updates will be provided if there are any changes upon the game’s release.

Hollow Zero Gameplay Guide: Gameplay overview

  • Deploy Best DPS: Start with your best DPS Agent since they will initially explore alone. You can later unlock more Agent slots.
  • Collect Buff Items via Resonia: Navigate the board to collect Resonia, which buffs your Agents, enhancing their ability to defeat enemies, including the boss.
  • Support Bangboos Buffs: Obtain Support Bangboos through board events. They can’t join in Chain Attacks but provide essential support.
  • Explore All Zones: Hollow Zero has five zones with multiple stages, each varying in difficulty from I to V. Exploring zones grants Investigation Points and materials to upgrade your Investigation License and Combat Configuration.

Investigation Points and License

  • Earn Investigation Points: Gain points by exploring, which are capped weekly but increase as you level up your License.
  • Level Up Investigation License: Higher levels provide more rewards and increase the weekly cap for Investigation Points. The maximum level in CBT3 is 60.

Rewards and Upgrades

  • Withered Crystals: Earn these while exploring, used to unlock nodes in Combat Configuration for significant buffs.
  • Combat Configuration: Use Withered Crystals to unlock nodes, granting various mods and benefits.
  • Bounty Commissions: Complete time-limited tasks for additional rewards, refreshed weekly. Earn Inter-Knot Credits, Polychromes, Coup-En, Dennies, and more from completing Bounty Commissions.




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