Honkai Star Rail Zenless Zone Zero Combat System Guide

September 7, 2023

Observation/Guide Mode

In this mode, you will assume the role of a Proxy, responsible for guiding your team through The Hollow, which is depicted as a collection of TV screens. Here, you have the option to navigate by either pressing the TVs or using your keyboard. Each TV screen features a unique picture that triggers various events such as healing, reduced pressure, battles, or visiting a shop, among others.

With each movement, the Pressure level increases, accumulating at a rate of 1 Ether Corruption for every 100 Pressure points. The Ether Corruption poses additional challenges to your journey, making it more arduous. When you reach 5 Ether Corruption, moving further will result in HP loss. It is crucial to monitor the H.D.D Pressure Indicator closely to stay aware of the increasing Pressure levels and their impact on your progress.

Every time you make a move, you will receive Gear Coins as rewards. These Gear Coins play a vital role in your journey. They are essential for purchasing Etherium from the in-game shop. Additionally, you can also obtain Gear Coins as rewards after successfully completing battles.

Etherium is a temporary buff that proves advantageous only within the current stage you are undertaking. Acquiring Etherium can be done through various means, including visiting the in-game shop, obtaining it from the gacha screen, or encountering it as a result of random events.

Upon moving to a particular screen, you will initiate a battle sequence.

Combat Mode

In this mode, your team comprises 1-3 characters who engage in combat against the enemy. Each character possesses distinctive skills, while sharing a common set of movements including basic attacks, special attacks, combo attacks, dodging, and ultimate abilities. When you attack the enemy, they become staggered, subsequently increasing their meter. Once the meter is full, the enemy will be stunned, allowing for the activation of combo attacks. Furthermore, you have the ability to switch between characters using the “R” key.


Basic Attack

To execute a Basic Attack, simply press the Left-click Mouse button. Alternatively, you can hold down the Left-click Mouse button to charge up the Basic Attack, thereby amplifying its damage output. Each time you perform a Basic Attack, your character will accumulate energy.

Special Attack

To unleash a Special Attack, press the “E” key. Each character possesses unique moves and elemental abilities, adding variety to the gameplay. As you accumulate sufficient energy, you gain the ability to execute an EX Special Attack, which is considerably more potent and impactful.

Combo Attack

When landing a heavy attack (charged attack/EX Special Attack) on a stunned enemy, it activates a combo attack and allows for character switching. To execute the combo attack, press the Left or Right-Click Mouse button. You will have approximately 2 seconds to select the character for the next phase of the combo attack. This mechanism enables swift transitions between characters, adding depth and strategic choices to the gameplay.


By utilizing the Right-Click Mouse button, you can perform a Dodge maneuver. Executing a Dodge at the precise moment will activate a Perfect Dodge, granting you additional energy. Following a successful Dodge, you can perform a Dash Attack by initiating an attack immediately afterward. Furthermore, if you perform an attack immediately after executing a Perfect Dodge, it will result in a Dodge Counter, delivering a powerful and precise strike. Mastery of the Dodge mechanic allows for strategic offensive and defensive plays during combat.


Each time you employ a combo attack or execute a Dodge Counter, the Decibel Rating, also known as the Ultimate bar, will incrementally increase. Once the Decibel Rating reaches its maximum level, you can unleash the Ultimate ability by pressing the “Q” key. The Ultimate ability is a powerful move that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List

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